Spiritual & Community Life

The College community takes its spiritual life seriously. We are a Christian institution with a commitment to practising and sharing our faith. We are interdenominational and ecumenical, and we strive to be a place where people of all faiths feel welcome and respected. Compassion and inclusivity are at the very heart of the Gospel message. When asked which commandment was the first of all, Jesus quoted the ancient law for the Old Testament: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind.” He added the new commandment “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”

This love of God, self and other are embraced and encouraged in our midst. Our spirituality stresses a God of Love who casts out fear – a God who offers us abundant life. Our prayers twice a week at assembly reflect our reverence for Scripture. Our traditions of the Thanksgiving Service at Founders’ Day, the Cantata and the annual Carol Service are an important part of our calendar and identity. All College girls in grades R through 8 attend regular Religious Education classes with the chaplain. All staff are invited to attend a prayer service with the chaplain on a weekly basis. The Mums who Care group also meets weekly to pray for the needs of the school.


College is involved in the wider community through outreach and community service. This begins in the JP phase and continues throughout. College girls are required to serve a certain number of hours during their high school career. Our ethos encourages the girls to understand that service is true discipleship. The Greek word “diakonia” means ministry or service to our neighbours. Service of God through the service of our neighbour is actually the highest calling. In the words of African American activist teacher and theologian, Verna Dozier, “The important question to ask is not ‘What do you believe?’ but ‘What difference does it make that you believe?” We try to link with projects that are local and have a focus on youth.

We also are linked to a number of projects with which our Old Girls are involved. Support for various projects are revisited every year, but the two nursery schools founded by the Old Girls’ Guild in the townships in the 1940s continue to be uplifted and supported by the school community.