Senior Primary

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Our vision is a shared commitment to create a nurturing environment in which our girls can develop her unique potential – an environment that encourages her to know herself, be herself and have the courage to challenge herself.

We aim to stimulate a love of learning and instill values, morals and respect for others, their beliefs and cultures.


Our approach to academics is learner-centered, where the teacher is a facilitator. Group work plays an important role.

We encourage the girls to be active learners who think critically, are able to reason and then reflect on their learning.

Our girls are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. Self, peer and group assessment are emphasized and teaching embraces skills, knowledge, values and attitudes.

Each individual is valued for what she has to offer. Our aim is to facilitate the development of innovative, creative, critically literate and socially responsible citizens.

Learning Areas

Languages, English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Creative Arts, Economic & Management Sciences, Technology, Computer skills, Drama, Music, Life Orientation, Physical Education, Religious Education, Life Skills


Diverse programmes in Music Drama and Art provide opportunities for our girls to explore and develop their creative talent. Our specialist art teacher encourages the girls to explore the aesthetic, the creative and the practical aspects of art. A variety of techniques and mediums are used and art lessons are eagerly anticipated by the girls.

The music department is a vibrant centre of exuberant energy. An appreciation for the music of all cultures and periods is inculcated through class music lessons. Girls, interested in music, are extended through private and group tuition, available in a wide spectrum of musical disciplines. Scope for the practical expression of talent is provided through activities such as choir, instrumental ensembles and marimbas.

During drama lessons, the girls participate in activities which aim to extend them dramatically and creatively; challenge their thoughts on life; increase their sensitivity and awareness of others and hopefully strengthen and develop their characters so that they may become well-balanced, confident and mature members of society. A highlight of each year is the school drama production.


Our varied sporting programme is designed to allow each girl the opportunity to experience the satisfaction and sense of well being which flows naturally from physical activity.

We acknowledge the role which individual and team sports play in the developing child’s life. Both are catered for as our girls compete in competitive league matches, social games, inter-house competitions, fun events and sports festivals.

Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Hockey, Cross Country, Action Netball, Synchronized Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Squash, Tennis, Water Polo, Soccer, Karate, Indoor hockey


Grade 7 girls are given the opportunity to fulfill various leadership positions. House captains and sport captains play group leadership roles.

All girls have an opportunity to be a class monitor during the year. A monitress is responsible for duties delegated to her by her class teacher.

Library and computer monitresses play an invaluable role in assisting with the smooth running of these busy and popular venues.