Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is considered of utmost importance in the life of the school and DGC has two qualified high school counsellors who attend to the needs of the girls, helping them during their high school years as well as preparing them for life outside the College gates. The school chaplain is an integral part of the pastoral care team.

A qualified nursing sister is in charge of the school clinic. Her day begins with the boarders at College House, after which she is available to the girls during the school day. She is also on duty at sports matches and on special occasions.

JP Support and Counselling

Specific assessments take place in order to investigate the girls’ learning styles. Individual girls who need specialised learning support are assisted in their progress by a team of on-site specialists including a remedial teacher, educational psychologist, occupational therapist, speech & language therapist and counsellor.

Special small group class-based lessons and individual tuition take place. Programmes include the development of phonics, reading, writing, spelling and numeracy skills along with the provision of life skills guidance counselling and pastoral care where needed.

SP Support and Counselling

Our primary goal is the emotional well-being of each girl in the Senior Primary.

Growing up can, at times, be difficult and painful, and so we teach our girls to respect and value their emotional inner lives and those of others. Key elements in our life skills programme are the building of self-esteem, showing respect for, and acceptance of others, and empowering the individual to solve problems. The girls are constantly challenged to apply their learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

Peer support structures and our counsellling facility means that there is always someone to listen and to offer assistance.

Senior Support and Counselling

Durban Girls’ College has two qualified high school counsellors who offer support to the girls on a personal, educational and vocational level. The counsellors address issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, grief as well as learning problems and refer the girls to professional medical, mental health and educational specialists if necessary.

The high school counsellors play an important role in providing support and offering careful advice in terms of subject choice and career counselling to assist the girls in making their educational and career decisions. Girls can make an appointment to see a counsellor before or after school or during the school lunch breaks.