Junior Primary

The Junior Primary Policies Handbook PDF Download


The Junior Primary phase at Durban Girls’ College encompasses Grade 00 through to Grade 3 with the most important, collective focus being on providing an age–appropriate and enriching environment for five to nine year olds. Strongly linked to this are the relationships forged between our girls and teachers whereby core values and a child’s individuality are encouraged, nurtured and celebrated.

Our families and our community are a vital part of our school vision. We see our girls’ parents as partners in the learning and developmental process. We are mindful of the need to respect, serve and acknowledge the achievements of others in order to contribute meaningfully to society. We celebrate the diversity that exists within our classrooms and rely on teaching that fosters self-confidence, enthusiasm, passion, integrity and commitment to teamwork – both in and out of the classroom.


We believe in offering a curriculum that is relevant, rich and real – one that broadens and balances the experiences offered to our girls so that achievement and enjoyment are valued equally. Integrated and specialised teaching across the phase is designed to support cross-curricular links and to provide a culture of learning that is both varied and stimulating.


English (First Language)
Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
Zulu (First Additional Language)


Life Orientation

Arts & Culture (which incorporates Class Music & Singing, Art and Speech & Drama)

Environmental Education (Social & Natural Studies)

Religious Education, Media & Computer Studies, Life Skills and Physical Education.


Collectively and individually, College girls manifest an appreciation and love of culture irrespective of its form of expression. A commitment to music, in particular, offers the talented individual a highly creative environment in which to excel.

Art – embraced collectively with the option to join the Junior Primary Art Club

Music – individual, group and class tuition offered

Speech & Drama – skill, enjoyment and performance based

Choir – College has its own Junior Primary Choir

Design and Technology – taught with an integrated approach


In the Junior Primary, swimming is taken very seriously and we ensure that every girl is able to swim competently by the time she leaves this phase. We are proud to say that we are the only school in Durban t0 offer the Junior Primary Physifun programme, which enhances postural gross and fine motor skills.

In the Senior Primary the girls are exposed to a wider variety of sporting codes, allowing them to make informed choices about which sports to pursue in the High School.

Our High School has earned a hard-won reputation for being a top sporting school. Among our proud achievements are: winning the Girls’ A League Gala for 11 consecutive years; maintaining a ‘top two’ finish in the hotly-contested Coastal Hockey League; and retaining our ranking as the top girls’ water polo school in KZN.